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A Successful Viral Campaign
By:  Elizabeth Neal |

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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing and Going “Viral” is everyone’s dream!
Have you honestly thought about your blog or software
going viral?

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding out that
you have 1 trillion hits. Yes! I could just see it
now, jumping up and down. Calling everyone I could
think of on the phone. My “Blog” went VIRAL!

We are going to talk about how to set up a Viral Campaign.

The basic requirements of a viral campaign are listed for
you below. Without these techniques, your stampede
may turn out to be more like a leisurely stroll.

Techniques for going Viral Include

  • A free product or service
  • The product has to be easily transferable to another person
    *   It has to be scalable
  • It has to be unique
  • It has to take advantage of other people’s resources

Next, we will look over each of these elements and construct a
the way we can use them to launch your viral marketing campaign.

FREE E-Mail Newsletter Series

Every viral campaign begins with giving something away. It could be
an ebook, software, an instructional video, whatever it is….
it has to be FREE!

Free as in truly FREE…not an opt-in or free trial. It has to be
free because you are going to encourage your customers to share it
with their friends.

For sending digital documents, videos, etc…

For sending email in autoresponder:

Share and Share Alike

The second element of a great viral marketing campaign is the
ability for your customers to share your product with their peers.
People love sharing great stuff. Each one share
creates a chain effect and produces a “viral” effect.

Social Networks

Viral Campaigns thrive on the Internet because of the Social
Networks that exist. The first place for a Marketer to start is
with their own subscriber list.

These are people who know who you are, they like you and they
already purchase from you. They are your biggest fans and they
are the ones who would most likely pass on your content to their
family, friends and social networks.

When you have “NEW” content that you are creating specifically to
go “Viral” you need to keep your subscriber list informed!

In your Social Media Networks, you should be following “Internet
Marketers” and they should also be following you. In these circles,
you should share your content. Sharing with family and friends may
not produce a great outcome.

Social Networks



Your own network is an important aspect of a successful
viral campaign. Just as you have subscribers, Social Media,
Blogs and Websites your friends will have the same.
These are powerful assets you can use when launching your
“Viral Campaign”.

Below is a list when leveraging the resources of other marketers
to get the word out about your “Viral Campaign”.

  • Buy Ad Space on related blogs
  • Do Guest Posting on related blogs
  • Buy Ad Space in newsletters in your niche
  • Offer affiliate commissions for lead generation
  • Attend interviews for your product or service


The final element of a “Viral Campaign” is it’s uniqueness.
Add a new twist and/or uniqueness for example by giving away
a ebook, video or podcast.

Below I have a list of ways you can add uniqueness to your

  • Checklist
  • Printouts such as worksheets or workbooks
    * List (Facebook Group List, Pinterest Tribe List, Pinterest Board
    List, Photo Sites List)
  • Time Management tools


The Software can quickly go viral and build a fantastic stream
of income for you.

Some of the software that has gone viral is:

* WordPress and WordPress plugins
* Article Submission
* Games
* Browser Add-Ons
* I Phone Apps
* Note-taking
* Organizing Apps


When it comes to marketing and “viral marketing” campaigns
the idea focuses on the fact that the “virus” has the ability
to replicate itself without “outside” assistance.

With the “virus” having the built-in replication capibility,
it has the ability for exponential growth and can quickly spread
a message to thousands or millions of users from a single
starting point.


There are several proven methods that work when launching a
“Viral Marketing” Campaign and I have a few of them listed
for you below:

  • Winning a prize – Holding a raffle.
  • Inform them – Giving away an item.
  • Free Trials – Allow users to try out the product in advance.
  • Play a game – Allow free access.
  • Opt-Ins – When the users decide to take advantage of your
    (Offer incentives.)


What is Google’s mission?

Google’s mission is “to organize the information of the world and
make it universally accessible and useful”. In other words – it
helps people find what they are looking for.

So when you launch your Blog, Post, Website, etc… you want to
have it set up for success.

Google gives you the best results by ranking the most relevant
and useful information and combating spam.

What does Google do?

Google follows links. Plain and simple from one web page to
another web page.

A search engine like Google consists of:

  1. a crawler
  2. an index
  3. an algorithm

A crawler follows the links on the internet. It goes around the
internet and when it comes to a website, it saves the HTML version
in a gigantic database called the index.

After indexing your website, Google can show your website in
the search results.

Things that help your rank with Google are links, photos, media,
videos, etc…and when everything meets googles standards, Google
will reward you with helping your site load quicker.

The reason that SEO is so important in your “Viral Marketing”
The campaign is that the “KEYWORDS” you use in your Blog, Post or
The website can be the most important factor in order to make your
campaign successful.

When researching your “Keywords”, research the Main Topic, then
research each additional paragraph topic.

For a Keyword tool:



Every separate search result is called a “Snippet”.
A snippet consists of 3 elements.

  1. Title (blue)
  2. URL or slug (green)
  3. a meta description (black)

In the meta description give a clear description of what your
page, product, service about. It should entice users to click
the result.

For in-depth training with SEO, you can go to:

These things are the ingredients you need to get your
“Viral Marketing” Campaign set to a roaring start.

I wish you the best of luck with it!

I hope you find this site interesting and of value. But, most importantly,
I hope that the content in this site helps you achieve the viral marketing results you are aiming for.

If you can use even half of the information in this article to help achieve your goals, please do me a big favor and share it with others!

Our mission is to help each other and forming good habits is a start!

Please take a second to tweet, share on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and any other social media site you are active on. Include the blog post link in
your emails!  Send to your tribes.

It only takes a second to make a person day, let’s start now!

Share this post with a friend, team, or groups who are struggling with viral marketing.

Wishing You Online Success!

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