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5 Easy Steps to Reach Your Reader + FREE Workbook
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Reaching Your Reader On A Emotional Level

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Persuasive Copywriting

When it comes to selling yourself and your brand, it is essential that you understand that your potential customers want to do business with people they know, like and trust. This is even more important if you are a coach or a service provider.

Your potential clients may wonder if they will enjoy working with you, how you can help them and if they will get their desired results.

This is where “Persuasive Copywriting” can help you. Copywriting will allow your Ideal Client the chance to know, like and trust you. It also gives you an easy way to answer their questions before they even ask them.

You can view a detailed example of the essential components here:
Persuasive Copywriting

But, before you start writing your copy, there are a few important steps you will need to take. The steps are outlined for you below:

Step 1: Identify Your Client

Describe your “Ideal Client” as detailed as possible. You need to be specific about their fears, frustrations, and feelings. You need to think about what their desired end result would look and feel like.

EXAMPLE: When you help “overwhelmed” working moms find time to prepare nutritious food to feed their families, then the end result might be less dinner time stress, more family time, and healthier bodies.

You can view a detailed example of the essential components here:
Persuasive Copywriting

Step 2: Focus On Your Qualifications

Next, think about how you are uniquely qualified to help your potential clients. Describe why you are qualified as a professional (education) and as a person (experience).

You want to offer proof of your qualifications in the form of diplomas, testimonials, and endorsements. These qualifications can be placed on the “home” or “about” page on your website or blog.

NOTE: Your “About Me” page is where everyone will go to find out your credentials, you will want to edify you!

You can view a detailed example of the essential components here:
Persuasive Copywriting

Step 3: Describe the Milestones

When you have a clear picture of what results your clients can expect from you, then you want to think about the journey they will take. Try to describe the milestones your ideal client typically encounters during their journey.

EXAMPLE: Let us suppose you are a weight loss coach, one milestone might be “losing the first ten pounds“.

Do not focus your attention on just the good milestones. You will also want to consider the setbacks clients may face as well as the emotional aspects of their journey.

EXAMPLE: A setback might be gaining three pounds in one week.

SOLUTION: Increase activity, cut back on carbohydrates, and sugars.

You can view a detailed example of the essential components here:
Persuasive Copywriting

Step 4: Think About Your Clients’ Objections

Once you’re confident that you understand your potential clients’ journey, you need to take a moment to consider their objections. What hesitations might your client bring up when they’re ready to hire you? What are they afraid of if they take that first step?

EXAMPLE:  If you are a fitness coach that helps obese patients lose weight, you might find that potential clients are worried about visiting a gym for the first time.

When you understand these objections, you can offer solutions. Keep in mind that solutions do not always have to be complex.

SOLUTION:  You might simply tell clients that the first gym session is all about coming in and getting comfortable with the equipment, no workout required.

Now, you have subtly eased a potential client’s objections to taking that first step toward fitness.

You can view a detailed example of the essential components here:
Persuasive Copywriting

Step 5: Describe the Action Steps Your Reader Should Take

Now that you know the journey your clients are on, it is time to guide them to your product or services. You can do this by thinking about the action steps readers need to take when interacting with your content.

EXAMPLE:  You might have a “call to action” at the bottom of your blog posts for joining your email list.

When you send emails to potential clients on your list, you might have a “call to action” button, banner or text banner at the bottom of each email that invites your subscribers to set up a free consultation with you.

You want to continually invite your community to keep taking action. By doing this, you will have a list filled with valuable leads.

Understanding your client is the first step toward creating more persuasive copy. When you genuinely care about your clients’ journey, it will shine through in your copywriting efforts.

You can view a detailed example of the essential components here:
Persuasive Copywriting

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