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Selecting A WordPress Theme For Your Blog
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Selecting A WordPress Theme for Your Blog!

By:  Elizabeth Neal |

The “writing” in this article may have affiliate links.  By FTC Standards I am
required to let you know that affiliate links are present.  I may make a small
amount of income on them when you use them. Thank-You for your support!

You decided to start your blog and chose your platform to be WordPress! Great!

A very wise decision you have made by choosing WordPress.  You will be
happy knowing you did the right thing.

How Should I Choose A WordPress Theme?

Now we will talk about what a “theme” does for your blog. Having the basic
understanding of what a theme does will help you choose the correct theme.

Word Press began as a blogging platform but it is now a powerful “content management”
a system used by millions of websites across the world. While you can still use WordPress
for a simple blog, you can do almost anything else you want with it as well.

Take for example; you can build membership sites, online stores, and business blogs,
personal Blogs, and sell online courses. This is only a sample of what you can build with
WordPress. Many other types of blog sites can be created, the choice is yours!

Much of the flexibility of WordPress is down to it’s themes and plug-ins.
For now, though, let’s just look at themes.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme For A Blog?

A theme is a collection of files you can install to change the way your site looks without
changing its underlying structure. Therefore, by changing your site’s theme, you can
change its colors, page layout, fonts and more, but features such as your site’s content
and structure will be unaffected.

Because WordPress is open source software, anyone can create and sell WordPress themes.
This means there is a huge range of themes out there to choose from.

WordPress Themes Are Created For Many Types Of Websites

There are themes for online stores, photography or art portfolios, lead generation,
brick-and-mortar businesses, dentists, lawyers and many more including of course, themes
designed for blogs.

You can install a new theme without any coding skills, although changing your theme could
get a little more complicated if a web designer who has customized it set up your site.

If someone has set your site up for you its best to check with them – or another expert if they
are no longer around– before changing your theme. After all, you do not want to damage your


WordPress Themes Feature Widgets


Themes do not just affect the look of your site, though. Some come with other features
such as widgets, which allow you to add features to your web pages such as a search box
or links to recent posts.

Widgets may also be things such as:

  • Archives
  • Comments
  • Calendars
  • Counters
  • Images
  • Text
  • Recent Post
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Many more

Some widgets are available on all WordPress sites, but others may be features
of your theme or plug-in. Themes can also control your widget areas, which are the
places you can place your widgets such as the sidebar, header and footer.


WordPress Themes Free or Premium

WordPress Themes can be either free or premium (paid) and you can find many of
them at the Word Press themes directory (

The directory also gives you reviews of each theme and the date it was last updated.
As WordPress itself is updated regularly, it is best to pick a theme which has been
updated recently.

There are also several well-known premium theme developers to choose from including
Elegant Themes and Studio Press. Alternatively, you could try the Themeforest marketplace.

WordPress Theme information can also be found on Amazon and Ebay.
WordPress Themes

More information about WordPress Themes and how to create from scratch can be
found here.


WordPress Theme Sites

Below you will see that I have listed 10 Theme Sites for you to research for the theme of your blog.
Some of these sites will have free themes and some will have low cost
to premium themes.

Free or very low-cost WordPress Themes and Feminine Themes can be found in the
following 10  Theme Sites:

1.  Creative Market

2.  Restored316

3.  Angie Makes

4.  Pretty Darn Cute

  1. Designer Blogs
  2. Pipdig
  3. 17th Avenue Designs
  4. Etsy
  5. Bluchic
  6. ThemeForest

Now you know the basics of WordPress themes why not look around and
find one you like for your blog and give it a try today.

WordPress Discount

I have provided a coupon for you to get started with Word Press below!

Ready to get started?  It is just that easy. Once you have your blog
running, I have loads of information on my blog,
about how to get exposure and get people to visit your blog.


WordPress Discount

10% off on the first payment or 3 months Free on annual plans!





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