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Persuasive Copywriting: 3 Important Pieces of Content to Give A Makeover + Free Workbook
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By: Elizabeth Neal |

There are 3 places where your copywriting skills really matter and this is where you should start. Once you’ve mastered these three elements of your blog site, you can move on to rework other areas of your blog site.  Let’s get started…

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When you are ready to create persuasive copywriting, it can make you feel overwhelmed at first and you will wonder to yourself….where do I begin? 

3 Elements To Master

Writing the “About Me” Page

1. The ‘About Me’ Page

The ‘about me’ page on any blog site is usually the most visited one. This is why it should be clearly labeled. Do not use a cutesy name in the hopes that more people will click on it.

You will only confuse your blog site visitors.  The ‘about me’ page should share your journey and cover why you are qualified to help potential clients. Begin your “About Me” page by spinning your journey into a story format that readers can relate to.

For example, if you are a business coach, you might want to share how you struggled to get your own business started for several years before finding success. By sharing your story, you will make it easy for your potential clients to relate to you and show them that you are qualified to help them in more ways than one.

You can view my “About Me” page here.

Creating Your “Services” Page

2. Your ‘Services’ Page

Your ‘services’ page is your chance to “Stand Out” from other solopreneurs that offer similar services. Try not to cram every single service you offer on the same page.

This will overwhelm your visitors and they may leave your blog site before reading through all of the services you perform. It is smart to have each service listed on a separate page of your blog site.

You want your service pages to show that you understand your ideal client and can deliver what they need. Then you should explain how you work and what end result your ideal client can expect.

For example, if you’re a social media strategist, don’t tell potential clients that you can handle their Facebook advertisements. This is vague and does not describe what you can do for them.  

Instead, you may want to reveal to potential clients that you can increase Facebook ad conversions by 20%.

Now, include an easy next step, like following you on social media or joining your mailing list. By doing this, you stay connected to potential clients that are interested in working with you but aren’t ready to hire you quite yet.

Your “Home Page” Content

3. Your ‘Home’ Page or FrontPage

When it comes to your home page, you have less than seven seconds to make your first impression. You want that impression to be a great one.

When someone visits your home page, they should be able to tell immediately if they are your ideal client or not from your copy.

If you are a “Social Media Strategist” that works only with small businesses, then your copy should not be aimed at large corporations. It should be focused on small businesses and how you can help them.

Your home page is also your chance to state why you are uniquely qualified to help them.  Do not use the same wording you did on your “About Me” page.

You should keep your qualifications down to one or two sentences on your home page. If a visitor is interested in knowing more, they will click on your ‘about me’ page for the full story.

Providing Proof for Creditability

Next, you should offer social proof on your home page. By providing logos that you have guest posted on several popular blogs, then you should share. If you have testimonials from prominent clients, then you should post those on your home page as well.

If you have been interviewed in a magazine or podcast, be sure to add this information to your home page.  Every little bit counts and when counting creditability, these bits are important.  Your potential client wants to know about these. 

Before you post your new copy on your website, be sure to have a professional editor or proofreader look it over. An extra set of fresh eyes can always help you avoid embarrassing typos and make sure that your copy shines like a new penny.

Discover how to create better copy by downloading the Persuasive Copywriting workbook.

For help with creating a “Content Schedule,” you can click below to view the details of the schedule.

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If you need help getting your blog started, you may view my “Getting Started Guide” here.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below. Thank-You for visiting my blog and I hope you can find something helpful.

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