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The eReaders In Today’s Marketplace

By: Elizabeth Neal |

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eReaders, eBooks, and the Future…

Sales of these devices have increased greatly since they first burst onto the marketing industry.  The growth of the Kindle marketplace is only increasing daily and more new devices were recently released.

Some people specialize in just marketing books to be read on kindle or other devices.

Kindle, for instance, is a great device because although Amazon is tight-lipped about how many Kindle devices are out there… estimates are that there are over half a million Kindles in the world or more.

Many individuals can take advantage of the number of Kindle subscribers out there to publish for the kindle specifically. 

Any rate, they are not slowing down any time soon. 

Of course, it is important to do your research first. You need to find out what is selling and not selling on Amazon. You do not want to waste your time working on content that is not going to sell.

In 2017, TechCrunch publish a Article and stated the 250 MB Kindle old out in 6 hours.  You can read this older article here.

Here is what Forbe’s has to say about Amazon’s Sales, you may read about it here.

Here is the “Truth” about what People really make on KDP.Amazon.Com by Publishers Weekly- Authors earning over 300 Million in 2019 – Wow!
You can read for yourself here!

You will definitely want to research these numbers and verify any of the references I pass on to you.  I am only here to help.  🙂

It is also important to be patient when selling printed material. Many budding Kindle authors get discouraged when the sales are small, however, even though it may take a while for the books to sell. There are niche forums on Amazon that can help you decide what to publish and how to market it.

Even groups like Yahoo answers can help you decide what to publish for the Kindle marketplace. You should also find out how to publish for Kindle by sing the Kindle formatting guides are essential.

You will want to make sure your content is easy to read and something that Kindle readers have an interest in.

As a Kindle publisher, you will have a huge marketplace that may purchase your content, however, it is essential that you market your material.

You must also pay attention to your cover design, your table of contents and Amazon formatting guidelines when marketing your book.

Promotion is part of the publishing game and promoting your book on your blog or website is fundamental to getting your content noticed on Kindle.

mazon has a huge market share and great optimization features, but getting your publication noticed and sold on the Kindle takes work on your end as well that goes beyond writing it.

What Is In The Future of eBook Publishing?

Since the beginning of eBooks, millions in revenue have been amassed not only by publishing houses but by individuals also. 

So why are people turning to eBook publishing now? 

Discover the 8 reasons and fuel your motivation:

  1. EBooks encourage reading.

     Acknowledge that you are now spending more time in front of the computer screen than immersing yourself in printed matters.  Who can blame you? 

    Almost all the information you need is accessed online.  That’s why publishing an eBook is useful; it allows people to read the information they would otherwise not do when given a book.

  2. EBooks preserve books.  It should be the common fact that classics are now available for download in electronic form.  This applies to all other books. 

    Because literature occupies the bulk of man’s written history, eBooks will live to continue that legacy.  What about being one of those who will help it expand?
  3. Ebooks save trees.  Printed books helped a lot in history.  We learn because of books.  But now, with the growing focus on taking care of the environment, eBooks provide the avenue to continue getting published without the need for trees. 

    It is not as though publishing houses are not cooperating.  It is just about using the current resources that yield the same results.
  4. EBooks are published quicker.  Writers do not need to work with an agent.  They simply need to work with an eBook platform provider like Amazon Direct Publishing and the rest is done for them. 

    This means that information gets to readers faster than when waiting for printed books to be placed on bookshelves.
  5. EBooks reach out to a wider audience.  Because people do not need to wait for a physical book to be handed out to them, eBook authors are able to expand their base of readers.  With the billions of Internet users, eBooks will find their way to different demography. 

    In addition to reaching out to users across multiple locations at once, the features of eBooks can also be changed to fit the needs of its readers.  An example would be visually disabled or impaired. 

    At times, eBooks come with Audio Books which allow almost everyone to be able to read.
  6. EBooks are more economic.  Notice how a book can be more expensive as it thickens?  EBooks provide enough storage capacity at a lesser price. 

    Besides that, the ability of an author to include multimedia information is made easier.
  7. EBooks pay higher royalties.  On the author’s side, royalties are revenues.  With eBooks, authors are assured of their livelihood from the ideas they write about.
  8. EBooks motivate people.  In contrast to the historical stigma of not being published for some reason, individuals who can write can now see their works published less the fear of their manuscripts getting declined. 

At any rate, you will now see how eBook publishing is now challenging the bounds of traditional authorship.  With the power of the Internet, even the person who considers himself an unlikely author may end up becoming a celebrated writer….like you!

So with these benefits, let us move on to the mechanics of getting published.

Why Should I Publish On Amazon Direct Publishing?

There are a lot of companies out there who offer eBook writing platforms.  However, Amazon Direct Publishing is leading the race.  Let’s find out why below.

  • Fresh Audience.  Each day, Amazon is taking in new members who take advantage of the lending services it offers.  Your eBook could be one of those that people will be looking for. 

    With the saturation of titles in specific literary genres, your eBook might just be what people are looking for to get new perspectives about certain subjects. 

    Imagine how your work will be exposed to different minds as they absorb your ideas and use it to learn, to be entertained, or to be inspired.
  • Higher Royalties. For 2018, Amazon prepared a budget of $6 million to fund its royalty payments to eBook authors.  That is a very significant increase from 2019’s $600,000 budget. 

    That means that the outlook for eBook sales in 2013 is much higher than before.  Sales and royalty payments are based on the lending service provided by Amazon. 

    In addition, up to 70% of royalties can be paid to you if your eBook gets significant sales from customers. 
  • Book Promotion.  Some authors do not have the freedom to promote their books because of contract limitations.  With Amazon’s platform, eBook authors can promote their free eBooks in a manner they like through a tool called Promotions Manager. 

    Although eBook authors can only promote their free work, they get a chance to start reaching out to people by making a name and promoting their brand. 

    The next eBook is likely to do even better than the first as one’s reputation grows.
  • Feedback Management.  This very useful benefit offers eBook writers to change for the better.  There are a lot of feedback types that writers can learn from as readers comment about content, style, and almost everything they can think about.  Apart from that, eBook authors will also be able to get their share of commendation for the best qualities in their book or their skill in writing.

Four Benefits Through Amazon

You have read only four of the benefits you can have when you choose to get your eBook published through Amazon Direct Publishing.  The rest will come along as you go about your life as an author.  Now, let’s get you started!

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Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can point you to any one I may know that can help you with any issues you may have. Please leave me a comment!

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