How To Create A Pin In Pinterest!
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How To Create A Pin In Pinterest!

By:  Elizabeth Neal |

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An Easy Way To Create A Pin For Pinterest!

This is a tutorial that will be explained in a
step-by-step format.

In order to start with a pin, you will need to
have a Pinterest Account. Pinterest is Free!

If you do not have a Pinterest Account, go to
Pinterest and open a Free Account.

If you do have a Pinterest Account you can
convert it to a Business Account in the Settings

This is what my Pinterest Account looks like.

A URL for your Pinterest Pin

In order to start with your pin, you will need to
have a blog post or a URL.   It can be a post you
created some time ago, or it can be a brand new post.

Your URL is usually something you want to advertise,
or information you want to share, or a freebie you
want to give as a lead magnet.

Pinterest is a Visual Catalog where people search
for items and receive visual images to choose from.
The search query will list many items with visual

You need the URL (web address) from the blog post
such as:

This is My Dashboard in Word Press.

Click on “New Post” to create your blog post.

Now Add New Post – and a new blog post template will be created for you.

This will give you the URL you will need for your Pinterest Pin.

Your URL (Web Address) can come from many different sources
as I have listed for you below:

1.  A URL from a Webpage:

2.  A URL from an Etsy Account:

3.  A URL from a FaceBook Account:

4.  A URL from an Instagram Account:

5.  A URL from a Blog you have created:

Creating An Image In Canva

You can go to Canva and use it Free of charge
for the Basic Plan.

Once you create an account or login you will be taken to the home page.  If your account is new, you will want to fill in the profile section.

Next, you want to choose your image size.
By choosing a new image and keying in Pinterest in the window, a template will pop up.

Now you want to choose a background color.  Click on the background and on the top and you will see a color wheel.  Click on the color wheel to choose a color from your brand.  Another option is to choose a preset color background.

When using “Stock Photos”, you can upload your choice of images.  You can also use the Free Images Canva has available for you to use.

PixiStock  is a Stock Company with Beautiful Free Stock Images.

Once you have the image uploaded, click on the image and it will appear on your background.  You can stretch the image to your taste.

Stretch the image by pulling on the sides as seen in the image above.

Time to add text, overlays, etc…

On the sidebar, you will see a section for text.  Click on it.  Then you can click on the desirable text you want for your graphic.

This is the finished product for my document.

Ready to Put the URL and the Image Together!

Login into your Pinterest Account.  Go to your account page.

Now you will click on the Red Plus Sign to create your pin.

Choose to Create Pin to create your Pinterest Pin.

This panel shows you what you will need to create your pin and save it.

1.  You need to upload your image.
2.  You need a URL to enter for your web address.
3.  Add A Title.
4.  Add A Description.
5.  Choose A Board to Save it to.
6.  Save it.

Now you should be all set for creating your Pin for Pinterest!

Get-Paid-To-Pin is a course that will teach you how to set up your Business
Account, Create Pins, and provide you with affiliate programs to join, and
Facebook Groups to join.  You can check it out here:

Get Paid To Pin

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Wishing You Online Success!

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