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Goals – Recap

Organizing Priorities Step-By-Step

First – Goals are to get your blog up and running!

You have decided on your hosting company and your platform.

Next Step:
Installing WordPress on your hosting package.

Once the blog is up and installed on your website hosting, you need to choose a theme and start to
design your blog.  This is the fun part. You have flexibility to change the theme if you need to.


Next Step:

You may want to choose a theme related to your niche.


Next Step:  (I call this part setting up the Skeleton of your page).

Decide on your blogs main pages, then you can decide on the categories your blog post will fall under.
Design your heading and footer. Design your sidebar. Add widgets.



Main Pages     

How to start a blog




My Awesome Recipes!
Subheading (Recipes for Weight Control)




Sidebar – (In this order)


Photo of you
Social Links Icons

Recent Blog Post

Search Window

Next Step:

After you have completed the designing, you will want to get your blog and the blog post online
and to as much free traffic as possible.

Some of the Social Media Sites are listed below:


  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

There are many others, I have just listed a few of them.

Many of the Social Media Sites have the feature of running ads within the site.  This cost a fee, however it will get traffic to your site.  You can start by running small ads at a time.
Many applications are available to support these Social Media sites listed below:


  1. Pinterest

Tailwind – post scheduled pins (Free version and paid version -$15.00 a month.)

Boardbooster – post scheduled pins (Free version and paid version -$5.00 a month.)

2. Twitter
Socialfav – post scheduled post


Email Marketing – “Creating A Lead Magnet” to collect the names and email address with permission
to email them.

A lead magnet can be any of the items we have discussed.
For example:

Free report
Free ebook
Free list
Free Photos

Mail Chimp – Free up to 2,000 subscribers

  1. Convert Kit – One month Free ($29.99)
  2. Get Response – 14 days Free
  3. AWeber –Free up to a certain amount of subscribers.


Creating a Newsletter for your Email List is important.  You can keep your list updated, inform them of any tutorials you may have to offer, add affiliate links, include freebies, update them on a new blog post, etc…

I hope this is helpful for you to get your blog site going.  If you have any questions just use the contact button
on my blog site and I will return with your answer.




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