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Blogging Goals – Start A Successful Blog

By:  Elizabeth Neal | My Amazing

The “writing” in this article may have affiliate links.  By FTC Standards I am
required to let you know that affiliate links are present.  I may make a small
amount of income on them when you use them.

Choosing a Niche and a Domain Name

1.  Decide on what you are going to sell, whether it is services or products or both.
Once you have clarity on your niche you can move forward with your blog site.

  • Identify your skills and interest.
  • Brainstorm a list of successful markets.
  • Search for an industry that people are constantly trying to solve a problem.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Sell affiliate products
  • Start an affiliate program.
    * Dropship products.
  • Partner with Amazon.
    * Sell PLR products.

2.  Customizing your blog content on the personas of your target market.

Define your purpose.
What story supports this purpose?
Research your target market.

Your blog content should be tailored to people who may buy from you because in
the future your blog will become a lead conversion tool.  When you can answer
this question in detail you will be able to write blog post tailored to their interests.

You will need to research their behavior so you can tailor your blog content.

3.  Choose your hosting company, platform and
domain name. Now you are ready to design your blog.

You have decided on your niche and you have your domain name in mind.  You are ready
to purchase your hosting company.  Whichever company you are using or you decide to use,
just remember that if you are not satisfied with them, you can migrate to another hosting
company and usually for free.  So do not fret over the hosting.  Just choose one
and move forward.

Try to choose a domain name without hyphens.  Choose something related to what your niche
is about.  You want everything to match up.  Your niche, your domain,  your
website, your business cards, etc…

Now about your platform, Word press is highly recommended.  Right now most bloggers are
using Word press.  However, if you choose to go with another platform that is perfectly

You may have to do a little research on the platform you choose or download the pdf that
comes with it to gather some knowledge about moving around in it.

Do not be afraid to mess up anything.  The platform you choose can be installed and
reinstalled if necessary. Also, almost anything that you create such as a post, page,
etc…can be edited or recreated.

Remember to back up your work on a weekly if not daily basis.

4.  Write your Business Plan to Fast Track your Success

Every business needs a business plan.  Whether you intend on taking it to a finance
company or not, it still gives you something to look back on and something to help you keep
focus.  All the noise online sometimes gets in your way, drags you down, confuses you,

Get a pen and paper our and print out your business plan and fill it in.
Then file it with your blogs important paperwork.

Description of your business
Market Strategy
Do-it-yourself vs hiring

5.  Automated Ordering System

Do some research on the Automated ordering system.  Some of the blog platforms
come with e-commerce such as Woocommerce.  It may just be a plugin you need to
install and activate.

  • Setting up your merchant account.
    * Set up Paypal
  • Setting up Stripe
  • Using e-Wallets

6.  Building A Massive E-Mail List

You will build your email list with your lead magnet and your opt-in list.

Long-term Goal
First years Goal – 5,000 Subscribers

Your first-year goals might look like this:

  • Fully designed Blog Site
  • Write 1 post per day to build content
  • Submit to blog directories
  • Submit to social media sites
    * Publish 1 e book
  • Gain 5,000 email subscribers
  • Gain 2,500 Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers
  • Monetize blog

Short-term Goal

First Six months – 3,000 Subscribers

First months Goal

100 Subscribers

Set Daily Goals

Your daily goal list might look something like this:

Write 1 blog post per day
Post to social media websites once per day
Review Your Goals Each Day, Week, Month & Year

Strategies for A Lead Magnet

  • Run a contest
  • Free e-book
  • Free White Paper
  • Free Download
  • Free List – (Facebook Groups, Tribes, Photograph Sites)
  • Newsletter
  • Free Course
  • Surveys

7.  Getting Ranked At The Top Of The Search Engine

Use your SEO skills to write your blog and your blog posts.  Research the SEO
rules for blogs.

  • Using Keywords in your Blog
  • Using Keywords in your  Blog Post
  • Using Keywords in Your Marketing Strategies

8.  Find Quick Sources of Cheap Traffic

Use your Social Media Accounts for Quick Cheap Traffic Sources.  Run ads in them.
Post in them.  Join related Facebook groups, Twitter groups and Tribes.

  • Facebook Groups
    * Backlinking
    * Pinterest
  • Tailwind
    * BoardBooster
  • Forums

9.  Create Your Newsletter

Choose an automated email marketing system.  I use MailChimp.  
MailChimp will hold up to 2000 subscribers free.  Many are using 
Convert Kit.  
I think you can get one month free then it cost $29.99

There are many automated marketing systems.  You can google them and shop until
you find one with the perks you like.

Research Autoresponders
Choose an Autoresponder

Most of the autoresponders offer free tutorials or a pdf guide to using while
setting it up. You can also go to YouTube and call them up.

Use the rules and guidelines concerning emailing your subscribers.
Research the best days and times for emailing people.
Follow the rules for emailing people.
Research the spam rules.
Provide a unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails.
Automate you’re follow up offers with autoresponders.

10.  Testing and Tracking

Testing email promotions
Testing your blog site
Making changes based on your testing results.
Setting up Google Analytics
Set up Google Analytics on your website so you can track it.

11.  Choosing a Graphic Design Program

There are many graphic design programs out there.  You can also research
them until you find one you like.  The ones I have listed are the ones that are
being used today.

* Canva
* PicMonkey
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Indesign

Designing graphics for your blog and your promotions.  You can do some research
on Pinterest for designing your graphics for your blogs and for your promotions.

12.  Making your first sell

  • Set your income goals for the first month.
  • Set your income goals for the first six months.
  • Set your income goals for the first year.

13.  Upgrade Tailwind and Boardbooster

Increase your followers on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Instragram and all the Social Media Site You are signed up with.

14.  Make loads of money!

 I have included a document for you to print out.

Goals Document

I hope this information is useful to you and if you should have any
questions or concerns, please use the contact form and let me know.

Thank-You for visiting my Blog Site!


All material in this article is copyrighted by Elizabeth Neal – May 2018

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