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Getting Started With Etsy Today!

Getting Started With Etsy Today!

The Marketplace who Features Third-party Sellers that Make 6 Figures

By: Elizabeth Neal |

Please Note: This document may have affiliate links and when you click on them I may make a small amount of income. Thank-You in advance.

Getting Started With Etsy

Getting Started with Etsy is easy. Below I will walk you through the steps to get set-up.

Etsy is a marketplace where you can sell anything that starts with handmade items that you created. However, in some cases, you will find there are digital concepts that are being sold as well. Etsy does have specifics on what they mean by handmade.

There are also “tutorials” that are being sold on Etsy. For example, if we were to type in the keyword ‘Tutorials’ to the Etsy search bar, you would see that that would yield 313,000 results.

These tutorials will be directed toward those who are handcrafting their own items and those who sell handcrafted items, such as sewing items, jewelry items, and Printables. However, there are cases where courses are being sold on subjects that do not necessarily involve handcrafted items, but if you do sell something that is handmade, Etsy is the place where you can go and sell your items.

Additional Etsy Tutorials

Getting Started With Etsy

Getting Started With Etsy - Part 4

Etsy Tutorials

Getting Started Today with Etsy is easy, Etsy provides free tutorials. When in Etsy, go to the search bar and key in “Etsy Tutorials” and they should come up.

There are Etsy Support Groups as well. When in FaceBook, key in “Etsy Groups” and you will see groups you can join to ask questions and get support. There are also “Etsy Challenges”. You can go to Face Book or Google and key in “Etsy Challenges” and you should see the challenges come up. These are things that will help you when you have questions about your store.

Etsy Facts:
Etsy Guide Written by Etsy Support.

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Getting Found On Etsy

Getting found on Etsy is important. One of the things that Etsy sellers depend on is the fact that their listing can be found in organic search. If their item is specific to what the individual is looking for, that individual can find them in a Google search and then be taken to the Etsy marketplace where they can find that item and more that are going to be like it.

Pinterest is also a place you can do a search and get found organically.

What To Sell On Etsy

What to sell on Etsy? I have included a couple of resources for you to research for your shop before opening it. Be sure to write down the things that are important to you. Keep a Etsy Journal/Planner so you can always go back and compare monthly sales, inventory, etc…

10 Things to do Before Starting A Etsy Store

Click Here:
10 things to do before starting an Etsy shop

Click Here:
10 Things to Sell On Etsy

How to Make Money with Etsy

Click Here:
What to Sell On Etsy

Click Here:
Etsy Millionaires

Etsy Planner/Journal- Click the Image

I have created an Etsy Planner for you. It is always advised to keep a log of your Etsy Listings and Journal your sales numbers, visitors, etc… of your Etsy Store.

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Opening Your Etsy Account

Now I will walk you through the process of taking your item, whether it is digital or physical, and getting it set up on Etsy in order for you to sell and make money.

We are now going to open an Etsy account and we are going to do that by going to Once you are there, you should see a button that gives you the option of opening your Etsy shop. You want to click on this button, whatever that button is saying at the time in which you access the site to open your shop.

This is a very easy process and it only takes about 5 minutes to set up the shop. Once it is open, you will be able to go in and personalize it and tweak it the way you would like to have it.

Tweaking may also include creating a “logo”, “header”, “store icon”, and “email header”. You may also want to dress up your thumbnails to match your brand.

One idea is to search Etsy for the type of shop you want to open and get a general idea of what is already open and selling. This will give you a heads up before you begin tweaking you shop.

Registering Your Email

First you are going to register with your email address. Once you do this, you are going to click ‘Continue’. You are then going to create your account.

Next you are going to click ‘Register’.

Etsy requires you to verify your account. So, you want to go to your email account and what you should see is a “EMAIL” where you can confirm your Etsy account. You are then going to want to click that button that says, ‘Confirm Account’.

Now you should see a message or some indication that your account has been confirmed and you are now ready to begin working with your Etsy account.

Setting Up Your Public Profile On Etsy

You have your Etsy Account Activated and now you are ready to set up your public profile. Lets go to the dashboard and on the left hand side you will see account settings. You can now personalize your “Etsy Store” and set up your public profile.

Etsy will allow you to upload a public image for your store. Once you have uploaded the image, hit save. Your image will be in place.

You can also make changes to your display name and you can do that here. You will save the changes. You can then indicate your gender as well as other demographic information.

The next step is writing something brief about who you are and who you want to brand yourself as while you are going to be on Etsy. Now, you want to make sure that you are looking at other individuals that already have an Etsy profile.

The next step is filling in the “About” information on your store when people are looking at it on the front page. Etsy will then ask you your favorite materials and allow you to share up to 13 materials that you like. Now, this is going to be optional as is leaving the item stick that you want to show on your profile.

Once you have completed everything, you can then click ‘Save Changes’. Once you have done this, you have all of your basic information filled in and you can update any of it any time you feel the need to.

Etsy’s Dashboard Menu

Etsy Profile

Etsy Profile Sample

Your Public Profile On Etsy

Now, once you have set your public profile, you are going to want to go to the “Settings” link and you will basically have all of your account settings that you can set. If you want to connect your social media, you can do that from these links. Now, if you want to change your email, you can do it from this page and you will need to make sure to confirm your email with your password.

Setting Your Preferences

Within the account settings are going to be your preferences. If you are going to primarily operate using a specific language, you are going to want to designate that here. You are also going to want to designate whatever your currency is going to be. In this case, we have indicated that our region is going to be the United States. You will need to indicate your region using this drop-down menu.

And in terms of communication with Etsy, you can indicate if you want to receive postal mail and if you want to receive phone calls. Once you have indicated everything that you’re going to be doing in terms of your preferences, you are going to click this button that says ‘Update Preferences’.

Setting Up Privacy Settings On Etsy

You have “Privacy” settings, and you can go through these areas to make sure that Etsy is handling your data correctly. You can indicate whether you want others to be able to find you by your email address.

If this is not something you want, and you can indicate that by ‘No’ when you are going through updating your privacy settings. If you do not want to receive personalized advertising, you can turn it off. Now, once you have completed your privacy settings, you can click ‘Update Settings’.

Your Security Settings On Etsy

Setting up your security on Etsy. You can go through your Security tab. You can enable two-factor authentication so that if an individual gets access to your account, they would need to go through a second layer of security. And you can look to this page to determine where your account has been accessed from.

Notification Settings On Etsy

You can then go to your “Addresses” area. If you are going to be receiving items through Etsy, you can indicate an address where you want those items to be sent. When it comes to making purchases, you can create a credit card on file by clicking this link, and you can indicate your notification preferences. And you can “tick and untick” these boxes based on how and when you want to receive your emails.

Once you have those notifications set, you can then click ‘Save Settings’. Once you have completed this, you will then have worked through your Settings tab.

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Next Step On Etsy

My next blog post will include “Seller Fees”, “Item Listings”, “Production Partners” and more resources. Until then, I have provided you with excellent resources to get you started in the right direction. Enjoy!
I hope you have enjoyed this “Tutorial”. Please leave a comment below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney

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