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Getting Started With Etsy Today! – Part 4

Getting Started With Etsy – Part 4

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        <h3>By: Elizabeth Neal |</h3>      

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Getting Started With Etsy

Etsy Header

Creating A Etsy Banner In Canva

We will create your Etsy Store’s Banner and Icon in Canva. If you do not have a account, you can click below and create a Free account.

Click Here to view a Canva Tutorial

We are going to set up your Etsy Header in Canva now.
Canva has a free version you can use.

This will be fun and creative. You can always change your banner and logo in your
Etsy Store.

Now we will create our banner for our Etsy Store.

Firstly, go to your account and login.

To search for the “Header Banners” go to the search bar inside of Canva and Typing in ‘Etsy’, you do have images available to use inside of Canva.

Etsy Canva

If you hover over the Etsy shop cover, you will see that they will start with the size of “1200 by 300 pixels”, which is what we need to get started. We are going to click one of these banners.

Examples of Etsy Header Banner Unedited:

Etsy Banner

Etsy Banner Edited With Personal Information:

Etsy Banner

You will see that your search will pull up the Etsy Headers for your Etsy Store. These are some pre-designed templates that you can use to alter to make your own customized banner.

Now, you might find that these images are going to be limited. However, you can work with Canva to change them to suit what you are trying to do or to get the look you want to acheive.

If you have a paid account, you will have more options available. To get you started, you can use the options that Canva gives you with the free version.

You can start to work with some of the options. For example, if we were to choose this option right at the top, what that would do is it will bring you into a Canva workspace with that actual banner. When you place your cursor on top of the banner, you are going to start to see some of the elements available.

What you can do is personalize the banner for your Etsy Store by changing some of the information. You can even add in additional elements to the banner you are working with to make it suit your Etsy Store.
To download the banner image, we are going to click this ‘Download’ button on the upper right hand side, and we are going to download this banner to our hard drive.

You can download in .png format. That means now we can come back to our Etsy store, and we can add in the banner image that we just created.

Now, Go to your Etsy Store Account now to upload the image in your Store Header Section.

Now click this ‘Add an Image’ button. We will then grab the image that we created. We will click ‘Open’, and then this is going to now be our banner that we just created inside of Canva, and this will create your headline banner your store.

Your Shop banner should look similar to mine below.

Etsy Banner
Now that you have the banner uploaded, you’re going to want to come down to the bottom and click the ‘Save’ button. Once you save your banner, it will load in your Etsy Shop.

Etsy Shop Icon

Creating Your Shop Icon In Canva

We will want to customize your Icon for your Etsy Store.

Go back to “Edit Our Shop”.
what you are going to notice here is that you can upload a photo. So when we click that photo, you will notice that you are recommended to use one of the photo formats and then an image that is at least
“500 pixels by 500 pixels”.

Canva makes this easy to create banners and logos with pre-made templates.

Now we will go back to the Canva homepage. Then type in ‘Etsy Shop Icon’ in the window and you will see that we have templates for an Etsy shop icon, which is going to be “500 by 500 pixels”.

We can use one of the designs to personalize for your Etsy Shop.

Example of Etsy Icon Image Edited

Etsy Canva

This is not a full-blown tutorial on the use of Canva. However, what we can do is we can use it to create what we need it for when designing our Etsy Store. I have also provided a “Youtube” link in the above tutorial.

We want to save it so you can always come back to Canva and
you can redo this image when you are ready to have something that is more branded.

So once we have completed the personalized Etsy Icon image, just download the image just as we did the banner to your hard drive.

We will head back to Etsy. Now you have your Etsy Icon image saved, you will click on top of the image. Now you will choose the file that you just created. Open it into our Etsy store. Now go to the bottom and click ‘Save’.

Etsy – Info & Appearance

Etsy Appearance

Now view your shop. If you are satisfied with your listing, you will click ‘Looks Good’ and then we will have our Icon image for our store.

You should have your Store Banner and Your Store Icon created and uploaded now.

Shop Title

First, what we can do is we can give our store a shop title, and we can describe our store. You are going to see that link here on the front page.

Etsy Appearance

Now click that link and what we are going to do is we are going to add in a brief description about our store.

Keep the description within one sentence.

You will be able to see what it will look like on Google search. So now click ‘Save’.


Now, if it’s relevant, what we can also do is we can set a specific location. We can click the ‘Edit’ button and what we can do is we can write in a suggested city so that others would be able to find our store.

Now, this is going to be of particular interest to you if you are selling offline, or if you’re having people come to you for your goods. Now, if you’re going to choose to have that location, you can then click ‘Save’. And then you have your second customization.


This is where you can upload a personal photo so your customers can relate to a real person.



This is where you can give a little information about how you started your Etsy Store. You can also give a little background information.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please email me if you have any questions. The next lessons will be discussing Shop Policies.

Don’t forget your Free Checklist!

Download Free Etsy Checklist Here!

Etsy Planner

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