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Getting Started With Etsy Today! Part-2

Getting Started With Etsy Today! Part-2

The Marketplace Who Features Third-Party Sellers that Make 6-Figure Income

By: Elizabeth Neal |

Please Note: This document may have affiliate links and when you click on
them I may make a small amount of income. Thank You. in advance.

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Seller Fees- The Fees You are Required to Pay Etsy

Your Profile should now be set up. We have reviewed your profile information and your information.

Now we are on Part 2 of Getting Started With Etsy Today! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started..

The next step, we are going to go to this top link that says, “Sell on Etsy” or “Listings”.

Now, before we open the shop, we are going to look at the fees associated with Etsy for selling on their platform. Etsy’s fees may vary, depending on the time. This is written in 2021.

You are also going to see a transaction fee and if you choose Advertising,
Etsy will charge you as well as a 15% “Online Ads” fee. You need to know in advance how the fees are going to work.

Etsy will be charging your card on file monthly for using their platform. Please take note of how the fees work.

The Cost to List Your Item on Etsy

It will cost 20 cents per item in order to publish a listing to the Etsy Marketplace. According to Etsy’s terms,
the listing will last four months, or until the item is going to be sold. This is when you will pay the 5% transaction fee
on the sale price to Etsy for selling your item on their platform.

Receiving Your Payment from Etsy

Etsy gives you a couple of options to receive your payment. If you decide to use the Etsy payment system,
you are going to also pay a 3% plus 25 cent payment processing fees when the item sold.

You are going to see the options during the setup process for the forms of payment you can accept in a few
different ways for your Etsy store.
This will be through PayPal, most of the major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay.

Etsy has a seller handbook, which you will want to be familiar with.
I will enclose the link so you can download the pdf from here:.

Click On the Image above to Download the Handbook.

Choosing Your Subscription

Etsy has available for you a level called “Etsy Plus” and they give you
opportunity to join which is going to be at an additional fee.

Presently, it runs about $10.00 a month.

This will give you options to customize your shop that you will not have when you use the standard version,
as well as being able to get custom web addresses that are going to be consistent with your store,
and also tools and resources to use from the back of your Etsy Office. Some tools are free and others are paid.
It just depends on what you want to use and how much you want to spend.

Setting Up Preferences

We are going to start the process by clicking the button that says ‘Open Your Etsy Shop’.

For preferences section you are going to come inside of your Etsy Shop preferences as we start working on setting up our Etsy store.

You are going to be asked to specify your language and your country.
You will also need to specify your currency here. You are also going to be giving Etsy some information.
This is for Etsy to determine if you are serious about opening a store with them.

What we will do is start in the middle and say we are selling part-time, but, hope to sell full-time.
What we are now going to do is click ‘Save and Continue’.

Naming Your Shop

When you are ready to name your shop, I would highly suggest to do this exercise. It will give you a little insight on what is out there already.

Go to the search bar in Etsy and key in the Category such as (printables, mask, cups, t-shirts, planners, etc…
You get the picture!) and see the shops that come up. This will give you a good idea about what to name your shop. The name you choose today does not have to be a permanent name. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and list the names you like.
 I suggest listing about 10 of them. You can change the name, however, Etsy will notify everyone by
place a icon next to your shop name.

Once you have chosen your shop name, check to make sure it is available. Click and create it, then click
“Save and Continue”.

Item Listings – Selling Your Product

Adding Photos to Your Listing

Now, you will create your first listing so Etsy will create your store. I will help you to create your first listing in order to walk you through the process.

Click the button that says “Add a Listing”. Y0ou are going to place images in this area that describe your item. You are allowed up to 10 photos for your listing with the first image being your thumbnail.

Your thumbnail is adjustable. However, the remaining photos are not adjustable. You can crop the images and you can zoom in and out with the photo. However, you cannot move them around like the thumbnail.

Etsy suggest you upload a photo with 2000×2000 pixels. You should also upload a bright photo where the item can be seen clearly. Try to upload different views, such as the front view, right side view, left side view, and top view. If possible, use all 10 spaces to list your item.

Click on the top of the photo and you can crop or adjust that photo for the way that you want it to be to show up in your store. Now click “Save” and it will save what you have just worked on. If you decide you do not like the changes you just made, just click “Cancel”.

If you have several variations of your item, you can link to those variations to your listing here.

Item Listings- Video

Etsy gives you the option to create a “Video” to help showcase your item or product you are selling. This is where you would
click on the tutorial to show you exactly how Etsy wants it done.

Item Listings – Title Bar

The title bar will allow you to key in 140 characters to write your title. To have your product found on Etsy you want this title to be keyword-rich so people can find you through Google search. Once you have your title, you will describe details about the listing.

Etsy provides dropdown menus in order to describe your items. So, in this case, we are going to state who made it. What this means is you are going to indicate whether you made the item, someone who is part of your store, or someone else.

Determining A Production Partner

This is where you decide if you alone have created the product you have for sale or if you have help creating the product. We will discuss “Production Partners” now.

This is the roll of the person who helps you with your products. Etsy designates them as a “Production Partner”, it is someone who helps you with the product, yet is not part of your operation. We are going to click this link to determine what Etsy says the requirements are for how you are going to state this individual.0

There will be two sections at this page that you are going to take note of. The first is going to be the Handmade Policy. And this is where you are going to make specific disclosures about your production partner and what they are doing in order to help you to produce the item that you are listing on Etsy.

If you have should have questions about what the production partner really does, there is a specific section on this page that will explain it to you.

Productions Partners Click Here!

The next section is another link, and it is an ethical expectation from Etsy regarding people who work with production partners. This is an indication of how you should be working with your production partners, in other words, that you are not exploiting that production partner in any way in order to get them to help you to produce your item. But that is basically a summary. You are going to want to read this entire section and make sure you understand it extremely well.

Once you have read through these items, you will go to your listing to determine if you need to write in a production partner. This is done by clicking the link ‘Add a New Production Partner’.

You are going to write the nature of that production partner. You are going to want to write in what that production partner does with you and for you.

Disclosing to Etsy Why You Have A Production Partner

Disclosing means to “Tell Etsy why you have a Production Partner”. This is a private statement between you and Etsy. First, you are going to disclose why you are working with a partner. Etsy gives you some choices and you will want to disclose that reason with Etsy.

Second, you will want to determine what your role in the design process of making the product is. This is another disclosure you are going to make with Etsy.

Finally, you will disclose to Etsy what the partner’s role is in the product process. Once you have done this, you can look at a preview as to how the listing is going to look with your production partner’s information in it.

If everything appears to be agreeable, then click “Save Partner” and we are now ready to move on to the next section.

If you do not have a Production Partner, just let Etsy know you are solo and click save and move to the next section.

Moving on to the next section, you are then going to in0dicate if you are going to be selling a finished product or a supply or tool in order to make other things. Now you are going to use the third dropdown arrow to indicate when it was created.

Choosing A Category

This section you are going to designate the category. You are going to write in two or three words that indicate what you are actually selling in order to find a searchable category for Etsy. But when you write in words, you are going to find that Etsy is going to try to give you clues on which category you are going to use.

Once you find the category that you are going to be listing, you are going to select it. You are then going to indicate the primary color for your item. In this case, this is going to be optional so you can use this dropdown menu in order to indicate the color. You can also indicate a secondary color. (Such as blue for primary and white for secondary.)..

Choosing Your Listing Preferences

You will now indicate what happens when your listing expires. If you want your listing to berelisted, you are going to leave this as automatic, which is the default setting.

That means then that if your item does not sell within the time period, it will automatically be relisted. If you want to determine that specific item is going to be relisted if it does not sell, you can make this a manual process.

Item Listing – Physical or Digital

You will now indicate whether you are selling a physical or digital item. If the item you are selling is a Digital Item, you will select “Digital Item” so that Etsy will give you the option for uploading your files. You will get to upload up to 5 files per item.

Writing Your Description

You are then going to want to write a keyword-rich description of your item you are listing to make sure that individuals searching on Google or their favorite search engine, will be able to find your item in organic search. You want to make this description a long-tail keyword description.
Example Description:

Etsy Planner

Pages -90
Size – 8.5×11

Color-Baby blue and White

Graphics: Blue Flowers

This Etsy Planner includes a Sales page, Statistics page, Expense page, To Do List, Mileage Logs, Order page, Items Listed page and a Belongs To page.

Great for recording your numbers on a monthly basis to your Etsy Store. Easy to print out.

Personal Use Only
Please read the terms.

You Can View My Etsy Planner Here:

The next topics will be on Item Listing Part 3, Etsy Payment Systems, and Deactivation a listing.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and please share to help a friend.


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Please let me know what you like about this tutorial. Thanks!

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