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Blog Commenting and 30 Blog Commenting Tactics
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Blog Commenting
By:  Elizabeth Neal |

Note:  The “writing” in this article may have affiliate links. By FTC Standards I am required to let you know that affiliate links are present. I may make a small amount of income on them when you use them. Thank-You for your support!

Why Care About Comments?

1.  Blog comments help to increase the length of your content.

Let us say you have a blog post where you generated
100+comments, the comments make up 40% content
of the blog post.

This means that the comments made the post content
from 1x to 1.8x.

When the value of x is more than 4000 then the post
is even bigger.  Comments generated around 3000
words! This helps to remain in the top 4!

2.  Blog Comments helps in building connections.

Blogger Outreach is important and very useful, however
email is not the only way to reach out to your fans.

Other ways also include blog comments.  Comments like
“Thank You, Great Post” -à Will not help.

Tip:  You should write a worthy comment by actually
reading the article.  This will leave an impact on the
blog owner and will force him to comment back.

Don’t try to spam, include links, etc…these do not work.

Always try to comment back.  The comment does not
mean you asking and him replying back.



Elizabeth:  Hi Tom, I have a question about backlink’s site.
There is an image I would like to put on my website and
I cannot find any information about embedding the
image.  Can you give us more details on how to do that?

Tom:  Hey Elizabeth:  It is the image that displays a lot of
helpful information, which makes other bloggers likely
use it in their content.


Few Tips To Get Started

  • Try to tell the best thing about the post
  • Share your experience. Like if you read an article
    on making an omelet, tell how this guide helped or
    tell about your past experiences.
  • Ask a question. This will force the blog owner
    to reply.
  • Tell him how the post benefited you.

You can leverage this connection to secure guest post
as well, including him/her in your roundups
and the list goes on.

3.  Blog comment helps in referral traffic.

Comments can help bring you leads.  It does sound too
good to be true,  but it does help bring in readers.

4.  Blog comments help in link building.

  Most of the links are no follow.  But people still build
comment links.  Just be sure to comment on a relevant
site.  A site which is not spammed.


LSI Keywords (Latin Semantic Indexing) is basically
keywords that are semantically related to your primary
keyword.  Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT just a
synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning.

When you generate a lot of comments, LSI Keywords
unknowingly gets included in your comments.

These are great for On-Page SEO and helps you to be
an authority about a particular topic.  Traffic off these
long tail keywords are great!

30 Blog Commenting Tactics

1.  You can comment on the description of the blog.
You might add it’s worthwhile.  Your blog review can
increase your backlinks.

2.  You should comment on the details of the blog.
You can dispatch its pure gold.  Your blog hunches
shall expand your subscriptions.

3.  You may write about the others comments on the blog.
You could display it’s proving.  Your blog credence may
multiply your advertisers.

4.  You could post the samples for the blog.
You may distribute it’s priceless.  Your blog critiquing
should heighten your clicks.

5.  You might comment on the rareness of the blog.
You should divulge it’s premium.  Your blog dealing
can enlarge your spenders.

6.  You can write about the contributors on the blog.
You might docket it’s precise.  Your blog decision would
maximize your admirers.

7.  You should post on the readability for the blog.
You can draft it’s practical.  Your blog details/features
might build up your resellers.

8.  You may comment on the payment options of the blog.
You could email it’s powerhouse.  Your blog dissection
could escalate your supporters.

9.  You could write about the name on the blog.
You may establish it’s powerful.  Your blog
endorsement will boost your advocates.

10.  You might post on the brand for the blog.
You should exhibit it’s potent.  Your blog
estimation shall swell up your viewers.

11.  You can comment on the affiliate program of the blog.
You might explain it’s phenomenal.  Your blog
evaluation may thicken your hits.

12You should write about the model/version on the blog.
You can expose it’s perfect.  Your blog examination
should widen your readership.

13.  You may post on the professional credentials for
the blog owner.  You could express it’s outstanding.
Your blog experience can springboard your

14.  You could comment on the features of the blog.
You may state it’s nifty.  Your blog experiment would
raise your partners.

15.  You may write about the uniqueness of the blog.
You should formulate it’s necessary.  Your blog
explanation might grow your co-ops.

16.  You can post on the order experience for the blog.
You might forward it’s mind busting. Your blog
explication could skyrocket your viewers.

17.  You should comment on the competition comparison
of the blog. You can highlight it’s mind-boggling.
Your blog exploration/tour will broaden your

  1. You may write about the search ability on the blog.
    You could identify it’s mind-blowing. Your blog
    exposition shall extend your open rates.
  2. You could post on the friendliness of the blog owner.
    You may illustrate it’s mesmerizing. Your blog feedback
    may add to your contacts.
  3. You might comment on the personal credibility of
    the blog. You should index it’s marvelous. Your blog
    feelings should accelerate your colleagues.

21.  You can write about the surprise freebies on the blog.
You might insert its marquee. Your blog emotions can
increase your admirers.

  1. You should post on the format for the blog.
    You can introduce its major opportunity. Your blog
    findings would multiply your personal browsers.
  2. You may comment on the download-ability of the blog.
    You could issue it’s magnificent. Your blog grades might
    expand your supporters.
  3. You could write about the automation on the blog.
    You may jot down it’s magnetic. Your blog angle could
    heighten your students.

24.  You should write about the design on the blog.
You can air it’s unique. Your blog distinctions
would multiply your subscribers.

25.  You may post on the customer service for the blog.
You could advertise it’s tremendous. Your blog advice
might expand your readers.

26. You could comment on the navigation of the blog.
You may allot it’s top rated. Your blog analysis could
heighten your friends.

  1. You might write about the organization on the blog.
    You should announce it’s terrific. Your blog expressions
    will enlarge your followers.
  2. You can post on the ease of use for the blog.
    You might author it’s sweet. Your blog message
    shall maximize your leads.
  3. You should comment on the bonuses of the blog.
    You can bring up it’s superb. Your blog appraisal may
    build up your prospects.
  4. Respond to all comments on your blog as soon as possible.

I hope you find this site interesting and of value. But, most importantly,
I hope that the content in this site helps you achieve the commenting levels you are aiming for.

If you can use even half of the information in this article to help achieve your goals, please do me a big favor and share it with others!

Our mission is to help each other and forming good habits is a start!

Please take a second to tweet, share on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and
any other social media site you are active on. Include the blog post link in
your emails!  Send to your tribes.

It only takes a second to make a person day, let’s start now!

Share this post with a friend, team, or groups who are
struggling with commenting levels.

Wishing You Online Success!


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