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Welcome to “Amazing About Me Page”

By:  Elizabeth Neal |

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About Me Page

Okay, we are going to keep this as simple as possible and make it easy for you to put into a template form with just a few necessary elements.

A little information for you to know before we get started on the “About Me” page.  The first thing you should know is that the “About Me” page is not about you.

That is correct, it is not about you!  It is about what you can do for your friend, client, or partner.

It is also the first page a potential client will look at when researching you.  Always remember,  It can make or break a relationship.  Your potential clients will always research you!

The Biography

1.  Biography – Your reader will want to know your level of education, how much experience you have in a given field, and your expertise.

Define what you have to offer on an expert level.  Go back
as far as you have to to make yourself look like the person you would want to hire!

Paint yourself in an honest form.  Let them know that you can fulfill the service with ease.  Be confident about your descriptions and always be honest.

The Professional Photo

2.  Professional Photo – Including a professional photo allows your reader the ability to connect with you and get to know you on a personal level.

Do not use a photo from 10 years ago.  Do not use a photo of you and your boyfriend, husband or family.  Make the photo you use a happy photo of you recently.  (Recently = 2 years ago max.)  Be sure it is a photo with professional dress.

If you have to edit it with photoshop, edit it.  You can hire someone on Upwork to edit it for a decent price.

Your Social Media Credibility

3.  Social Media Credibility – Include your “Social Media Influence” as credibility. This is an exceptional way to prove your online presence and your social score or ranking.

PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, EMPIRE AVENUE, and any others you have built your reputation on.


4.  Let them know that references can be given if needed.  Most people will not pay anything without a reliable reference or two.  Please, please, please be completely honest with your references!

Remember, once you give them references –> they will request samples!  Yes!  Samples!

So, keep all of your work in a directory with a label (My Work) so that you can retrieve the samples on hand.  (Your welcome, friend!)  Then, they will be agreeable to a portion of the fees and the remainder when completed.

Contact Information

5.  Make it easy for them to contact you. Either give them your “true name” with an email address or a link to a contact form.  Always follow up with them.

You never know who you are responding to about the opportunity.   Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up!

I hope you find this site interesting and of value. But, most importantly,
I hope that the content in this site helps you with your “About Me” goals.

If you can use even half of the information in this article to help achieve your goals, please do me a big favor and share it with others!

Our mission is to help each other and forming good habits is a start!

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Wishing You Online Success!


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