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55 Proven Strategies That Work To Increase Blog Site Traffic!
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Traffic is essential to have a successful “Internet Business”!
By: Elizabeth Neal |

Note:  The “writing” in this article may have affiliate links. By FTC Standards I am required to let you know that affiliate links are present. I may make a small amount of income on them when you use them. Thank-You for your support!

I said 55, however, it is really 755! I added some useful information
to the bottom of this post to help you get started with your Guest
Posting opportunities and claim some creditability with MAJOR COMPANIES and help your traffic and visitors levels RISE!

It is essential to get traffic to your blog site or website. A strategy that every “internet marketer” must follow to earn a nice income from their blogs or websites is to find their audience. You must create your “tribe”. In order to do this, you must get traffic.

Some of The Many Ways To Drive Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog site and I have listed a few of them for your below. These are by far not all of the sites online available today, however, it is a few to get started with.

Your number one “Goal” is to get more visitors to your site and have it read, shared and talked about and make sales from. Did I mention making sales?

Yes, visitors will increase your bottom line!


  1. – The largest Internet Marketing Forum in the World.
  2. – A forum ran by Paul Lynch, an Internet Marketer. Great forum with good traffic levels.

     3. – Forum ran by the Webmaster, Lisa Irby. It focuses on many topics such as Affiliate Marketing, Internet
Marketing, Sitebuilder, Reviews and much more!

Social Media Sites:

4.  Facebook – Increase your website traffic by creating a Facebook Fan page! Run Facebook Ads. Increase your web presence by using Facebook features.

5. – A Huge Social Networking Site! Internet Marketing Tip: After creating your Tagged Account, go to your matched account and click on yes to add everyone to your friends list.

6. – The Original High Powered Social Networking Site!  Create Your account and add friends. Share stories, ads, personal experiences and make new friends.

7. – Originally started by a few High School          Kids, now worth millions.

8. – Build your twitter followers and tweet about your website to increase your traffic.

9.  Craigslist Forum – A secret way to increase your website traffic.  Most people don’t know that Craiglist has a forum.  This works really well!

10.  Craigslist Classifieds – Post a few classified ads once in a while  advertising you are to increase your website or blog, or both!

11.  U.S.freeads – You can advertise with a free account, however for  $9.99 a month you can advertise unlimited, attractive classified ads that rank well with search engines.

Definitely worth the $9.99 a month.

    12. – This site allows you to write articles related to your website or blog site to increase your blog site visitors.

This “Directory” is the biggest in the article marketing world.

13. – Hot on the heels of “” is    ARTICLESBASE.COM which also gets heavy traffic.

QUICK NOTE: Be sure to write 100% original content when              submitting an article. Due to the changes in the Google Algorithm, duplicate content gets deleted from their systems.

14. – This is another “High Powered” Article Directory to submit your articles to for visitors.

15. – This is another Article Directory to submit your article for visitors.

16. – A press release site to advertise your blog site. Choose your Keywords wisely.

17. – This is a Business Directory and a Classified Site that is used by Business Professionals. Get your FREE Account here.

18. – A great site geared toward Business Professionals, Internet Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers. You can submit your articles here and participate in their forum as well.

19. – A Forum that provides “Secret SEO” strategies. Get Your FREE Account.

20. – A traffic source to help monetize your blog. They allow you up to 2 affiliate links per hub. They also rank high on google.

     21. – A great blog to help create backlinks and increase your blog site traffic levels by commenting on their blog post.

     22. – This is another high traffic site where you can create backlinks and increase your blog site traffic levels by commenting on their blog post.

23. – This guy has made millions online. A great source to learn about internet marketing, affiliate marketing and lots of other great stuff. Make a comment or two to create a backlink pointing to your blog site for extra visitor traffic.

     24. – This site provides you with affiliate marketing tips. Zac Johnson is a Super Affiliate! A great source for learning about affiliate marketing.

25. – This is another great site for learning about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, product reviews,      affiliate programs and about making money online.

It is maintained with fresh unique content approximately 3 times a  week. Be sure to comment on one of the blog posts for a nice increase in blog site traffic.

26. – Great source for internet marketing.

27. – Kim Roach is the webmaster of this blog. She has great traffic levels along with great website traffic tips. She also runs a traffic site called “”

The Traffic Dashboard – you can check it out to see if you may be interested in some more ways to increase your website visitors.

The Traffic Dashboard is one of a kind traffic platform that shows you basically how to point-and-click your way to increased traffic.

     28. – Yaro Starak runs this site. It provides some down to earth advice for bloggers and internet marketers.

     29. – Another good blog for you to comment on the blog post and create backlinks to your blog for the increase of visitors and traffic levels.

30. – This is a great source that teaches you how to get started with “Small Businesses”.

    31. – A great traffic source and backlink for your blog and or website.

  1. – A “Work At Home” Resource for internet marketing home based business
  2. – This is for the “Work At Home Moms”. They get a lot of traffic so take advantage of it. They have a “Work-At-Home” Forum for moms, a Blog, and an Online Directory.  This is a very nice resource site for moms and works at home peeps.
  3. – A question and answer site that can bring your blog site or website an increase in visitors. Take advantage of this site!
  4. – This is the most popular question and answers site online. It is also a great traffic source. This site requires you to play by the rules.You can create a profile on Yahoo Answers and include a bio about your website. Once you achieve level 2 after answering a certain amount of questions, all of the links to your website become active and clickable.They can also visit your Yahoo answers profile where you will have a backlink to your blog or website. This is a great way to increase your visitor levels and blog site traffic levels.
  5. – In this site, you can make money by reviewing and promoting products, and drive buzz and traffic to your blog site.
  6. – This site was created for Entrepreneurs by Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs.It provides great online business tips. This site also includes a forum, and a blog, so you can participate and drive targeted traffic to your blog site or website.There are many more options as well. Check out this site for an increase in traffic levels to your blog site.
  7. – This is a Major Website that includes breaking news and opinions.
    This site gets loads of traffic, so get started now by creating your profile and start commenting
    on some post. You will see your visitor level rise and your blog site traffic will
    begin to increase.
  8. – The webmaster to this site is Lisa Irby. She is also the forum owner of which is mentioned above.
    Her website gets loads of traffic so be sure to stop in and comment on some of her blog posts. She also provides information on website
    creation tips which may help you and anyone who is new at creating a blog site or website.

40. – Linkreferral provides FREE website advertising. You rate others blogs and websites with this site. In return, you earn credits for them to review and check out your blog site or website. It is sort of like a traffic exchange, however, it does produce better results. It is worth it to check it out!

41. – This is an all-time favorite for many! Youtube gets more traffic than Yahoo and Bing combined. Take advantage of it and submit some videos promoting your blog site or website.


Videos go viral and can be shared the same way articles can be shared. When you are submitting your video to and you are writing your video description in the window provided, you need to be sure to include a link to your blog site or website first.

For Example:

Visit, make money online, great internet marketing strategies, great resources, great copywriting, etc…

You get the idea! The link is clickable when you use this format. If your video is shared, your link will follow. Great traffic source!

  1. – Chris Farrell is the webmaster to this site. It receives loads of traffic. He also runs a membership site teaching people about internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Check it out.
  2. – This site is great if you are trying to build your email list. This is a must join. The cost is $15.00 a month and it is well worth it. Your investment will supply you with all the traffic you can handle.

44. Digitalpointforums – This is a high traffic forum for you to participate in where you will receive a nice increase in your blog site visitors through your forum signature link.

You create a forum signature link for all of the forums you join online that will be a link to your blog site or website for all of you newbies reading this!

45. RSS Feeds – Just submitting your blog rss feeds to the major rss feeds directories will increase your visitor and blog site traffic.

46. – Create a Squidoo lens promoting your blog site or website. Squidoo will provide you with an increase in traffic you will be happy about.

  1. – Rosalind Gardner is a Super Affiliate! She is the webmaster to netprofitstoday and she has made millions throughout her internet marketing career. She also runs a blog that can point you in the same direction. Rosalind Gardner is a well-respected marketer in the Internet Marketing community.
    Check her out!

48. – You can set up gigs for yourself or buy gigs. It is very useful for increasing your blog site visitors and blog site traffic. Fiverr is used by top internet marketers. Set up your account today and get started!

49. Social Bookmarking Sites – Be sure to submit your blog site or website to the top Social Bookmarking Sites. I have included a few of them for you here:, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks, Msn Bookmarks, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Furl, Reddit, etc…

For more bookmark sites, just google search bookmarks and a list will appear. Select the sites that you favor and get started with them now.

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Search Engine Optimization – THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL
    Learn the Basics if you do not know anything at all about search engine optimization.This is long lasting FREE traffic from the search engines which is the best kind you can get. If your site is well optimized, you will make loads of money assuming you are selling decent products.

Your website will see a major increase in targeted visitors on autopilot. Take the time to learn how to optimize your blog site for the search engines.


Find some keywords related to whatever you are selling, you can use (Google Free Keyword Research Tool) and look for keywords with low competition that is highly searched.

Take these keywords and “sprinkle” them into your blog site or website content. This is just a starting point. There is a lot more to learn with SEO so start doing your research because there is nothing better than FREE targeted buyers visiting your blog site or website because they found your blog site through the search engines!

Cool Site to Check Out:

51. – The Widgetcow provides resources for all kinds of FREE Cool Widgets. A must see site with some very useful widgets for all internet marketers.


52. – Holly Reisem Hanna is the founder of the Workathomewoman site. Holly provides great resources for the work-at-home-woman. If you need a blog site or website to get traffic to, you will find the resources to create one so that you can either use it to make sales or use it to promote yourself to companies
for work.

Workathomewoman was named by Forbes as the top websites for your career. They help women find remote careers. Check Holly out for great resources and money making ideas.


Guest blogging will also provide you with backlinks. The resources I have
listed below will give you some information on guest blogging.


53. – Lifewire provides you with the instructions you need to properly create a guest post and submit it to various Businesses to accept.

Guest post is clearly meant to create backlinks. However, it provides you with an awesome link on your Blog Site to use for creditability!


54. – Jay Paghdal is the webmaster to outreachmama. He provides you with 700 places to submit your guest posts and he also provides you with a pitch.

This guy is awesome! Check out this site today and remember to bookmark him in your favorites.

Also, you can do your own research and google search “guest post” or “guest blogging” to see what kind of results you get.

I’m sure you will be pleased, because when I searched for it – there
are loads of websites providing information with guest posting.


  1. – Mark Austin provides tips, tricks, internet marketing secrets, affiliate guidance, resources, software, blueprints, forms, traffic resources tutorials and more! He also has a forum you can join!

You get:

* Instant access to over 212 hot selling PLR/RR digital products worth hundreds of dollars!

*Two hot new products each and every week with either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights!

  • Instant access to over 10,740+ Private Label Rights articles!
  • Instant access to 330+ free tools that will help your web business be more
  • Instant access to the Resell Rights Weekly Members Forum!

Best of all, you keep 100% of the money when you sell these products, and you can sell them over and over again!

Check it out … you won’t be disappointed!


I hope you find this site interesting and of value. But, most importantly, I hope that the content in this site helps you achieve the traffic levels you are aiming for.

If you can use even half of the information in this article to help achieve your goals, please do me a big favor and share it with others!

Our mission is to help each other and forming good habits is a start!

Please take a second to tweet, share on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and any other social media site you are active on. Include the blog post link in your emails! Send to your tribes.

It only takes a second to make a person day, let’s start now!

Share this post with a friend, team, or groups who are struggling with traffic levels.

Wishing You Online Success!

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  • Doug Paulson

    Super informative Elizabeth! There is a ton of useful info here that I need to check out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Elizabeth Neal

      Hello Doug! Thank-You for taking the time to view my post on “55 Proven Strategies That Work To Increase Blog Site Traffic”. I think later on, once I am really “great” at this new blogging thing, I’ll break this post up into two separate posts. I want to tackle the “guest posting” aspect of blogging, however, the time has me busy with other pertinent things at this moment. Again, “Thank-You” for checking out my post!
      To Your Online Success!

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